Your Video Memories

We share photos on social media all the time.  Throw Back Thursdays always bring back fond (& often funny!) memories from way back when.  But what about our video memories?  Most people no longer have VCR's to watch old movies or they have their home videos saved on small camcorder tapes or film reels which cannot be watched without the proper equipment.

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Legacy Republic as a Legacy Maker and am now able to expand my services!  As much as I love being able to help people with their photos, I am honored and excited to be able to now help preserve video memories as well.  

Watching these home movies on your cell phone, iPad or computer will bring these memories back onto your everyday life and allow you to build stronger connections with family members.  Old distant memories will be rediscovered.  People from the past who may no longer be alive, will come back to life.  You will hear their voices, see their mannerisms and remember them.

Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the Wildfires of California have most certainly made it very clear that some things simply *cannot* be replaced.  The need to have backups of these precious and irreplaceable memories is more apparent than ever.  

If you have video memories that you would like to reconnect with, please contact me at (713) 899-3324 or