Enjoy the Photos You Take. . .

Overwhelmed by the amount of pictures you take and the number of devices you have taken them with?  

Do you ever get to go back and enjoy the memories captured in your photos?

 If you answered yes and then no, you are not alone.  In the technological world we live in today, you are probably among the majority.

People have the best of intentions while they are snapping away with the camera (or cell phone, or iPad, or . . .). When it comes to downloading, backing up and printing their photos however; they get overwhelmed, don't have time and simply don't know where to begin.

Here's where most people's photos get stored . . .

It doesn't have to be that way!  

I would like to encourage everyone (yes, that's you!) to print the pictures you take.  
Read on and I'll tell you why!

Why should anyone print their photos????

Back in the day, we used to have film in our cameras.  In order to see the photos, you had to develop the film.  I remember sitting in the developer's parking lot excited to rip open the photo developing package because I could not wait the 5 minutes to get home to look at my pictures (I'd even pay extra back then for 1 hour processing!).

Nowadays, you can see the picture instantly.  Not only that, you've got pictures everywhere - your phone, your computer, email, Facebook, Instagram and on and on. You don't have to print them to see them.

But why do we take pictures???  In the moment, we are feeling something -- usually a warm and fuzzy feeling inside -- that makes us want to hold on to that moment.  We are celebrating a birthday, enjoying a vacation, catching up with family we have not seen in a while, chronicling our child's growth or accomplishments.  We want to capture that feeling, to hold onto it and feel it again later.  Later that is, when we look back at the photo. Holding the printed picture in your hand somehow makes the memory come back to you in a more real and tangible way.

By printing out your photographs, you are not only going to enjoy them yourself but your family will, too.  If you have children, this is especially important. When children see you printing out their photos it says to them, "I am important.  I am special.  My family values me." The look on a child's face when he or she looks at pictures of him/herself is invaluable.

Pictures become more and more valuable over time.  Have you ever come across an old photo of yourself from, "the good ole days?"  How about pictures or albums from your grandparents?  When you see a note written on the back of an old picture in your grandmother's handwriting, can't you hear her voice in your head?  You owe this same experience and these same feelings to your children and grandchildren by printing your photos.

Lastly, I will turn to your practical side. If nothing else I have written so far has made you see the importance of printing your pictures, I hope this will.  Technologies change, computers crash!  It never happens at a good time.  You can always scan and make a duplicate of a printed photo.  But if you have no backup and your computer crashes then what?  Besides, how many times have you gone to look for a photo on your computer and 10 minutes & 20 directories later you have no idea where it might be?

I encourage you to start now.  Enjoy looking at your pictures with your loved ones now and let them be available as special memories for future years to come!

If you are overwhelmed or need help with organizing your photos, 
please contact Orit at (713) 899-3324 or oritcm@yahoo.com

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