Easiest Way to Make a Baby Book

One of the best gifts a parent can give to their child is a baby book.  Children love to look at pictures of when they were a baby and hear stories of their milestones and early years.  As the children grow up, parents love to look back at those same pictures and reminisce.  It can be a great family bonding experience as well!

Many new moms struggle with having the time to make a baby book.  If you wait until your child is older, it can be overwhelming to have to sort through 100's, or even 1,000's, of photos!

This is a super fast & easy way to make a baby book that not only tells the story and showcases the pictures of your baby but also looks terrific!! 

These are the supplies you will need to gather:

#1  Print 5-8 pictures from each month of your child's first year of life.  Don't spend too much time choosing, go with your first instinct. Choose pictures that capture milestones or have a story behind them - coming home from the hospital, your favorite sleeping photo, sitting in a high chair, bathtub photos, 1st steps, etc.  You can also include 1 or 2 pregnancy photos, an ultrasound picture, and a birth announcement. 

#2  A stack of post it notes.  As you go through your pictures, they will inevitably conjure up memories.  Stories will pop into your mind.  Grab your post its and jot those things down to use later on in the finished book.

#3  You will also need an album, paper, adhesive, pen and paper cutter.

  • There are so many options when it comes to albums.  Post bound are my go to albums and I usually get mine at Hobby Lobby.  
  • When choosing adhesive, you want to get something made for scrapbooking.  It should say acid free and lignin free on the packaging.
  • You can use any kind of pen.  I have found that I most often go for black ink.  This is my current fave.
  • Any 12" paper cutter will do.  
  • Lastly, you will need scrapbook paper.  This is where a lot of people get overwhelmed.  To simplify, choose 2 solids and one print.  You will need 12 sheets of each.  For example, Girl - hot pink, baby pink and either a yellow, grey or pink print.  Boy - dark blue, baby blue and a yellow, green, or blue print.

Let's get started!!!

You may prefer to spread everything out so you can see it all at once before adhering anything to the pages. Lay your paper out, alternating paper every 2 pages.  If you start the book on page 1 with light pink, page 2-3 should be dark pink and page 4-5 will be your patterned paper, followed by page 6-7 which will be light pink again.

You will have extra paper.  Take 2 of each color of the extra sheets into 3 inch strips.  So, you will have 8 strips of each of the 3 papers you bought.  You will place one going across the bottom on every left side page and one going down the right side of every right side page.

Lay out all your pages and strips and then begin placing your photos on the pages.  

Page 1 - Title page includes birth announcement, newborn photo or a picture in the hospital
Page 2-3 - Coming home photos, photos from 0-1 month old
Page 4-5 - photos from 1 month up to 2 months
Page 6-7 - photos from 2 up to 3  months old
Page 7-8 - photos from 3 up to 4 months old

Once you've got it all laid out it is time to adhere everything.  Stick down your 12 inch by 3 inch strips first and then add the pictures!  Put the post it notes on the pages, too.  

You can go back and add page titles by purchasing sticker letters and sticking them on the colored strips or anywhere on your page.  You can also use your extra paper to cut out circles or squares and put your title there.  

Finally, go back through the pages and add any captions or stories that you wrote on the post it notes.  You can jot down simple captions under your pictures or if you have more lengthy stories add them at the bottom of the page or on the sides.

That's it!  Your child's baby book is essentially finished!  Slide those pages into the album and enjoy!  

Here are some other photos of a baby girl album I made for a friend.
Title Page

I would love to hear how your project went and if you can include a photo of the finished product, I would be thrilled to see!

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