Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Are you in the process of planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?  

Have you recently celebrated this milestone in your family?  

Hiring a photographer is definitely one of the top items on your to do list, right?  That's a no brainer.  Once the event is over, you will carefully go through the proofs, selecting your favorites for the album to memorialize this special time forever.

But what about all of the other stuff?  You just spent weeks poring over invitation books to get just the right one.  You ordered kippot, party favors, napkins, Save the Date cards.  You surely saved the newspaper with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah announcement printed in it.  How about the synagogue bulletin?  If your child did a mitzvah project, surely you have flyers, photographs and information about that in a pile of stuff somewhere.

Your son or daughter just spent the past 6 months to a year learning a Torah portion and writing a speech.  Speech!  What about your speech?    How much time did you spend writing, re-writing and revising that?

How are you going to preserve 
the memories of all of this stuff?!?!

The answer is simple.  Stop shaking your head, don't get all stressed out.  The stress is over, you had your amazing weekend.  Relax and enjoy the wonderful memories you made.  This is the easy part.  

How about putting all of your memorabilia into a Bar/Bat Mitzvah scrapbook?  You can and should include photographs, either from the photographer or the ones that you and other family members snapped.  Maybe your photographer did not go to your Shabbat dinner or your Sunday brunch?  Perhaps you had a bake day with friends and family and took some photos on your phone you'd like to include?

A scrapbook can include all of that extra stuff that is so meaningful and special to you yet does not get put into the professional photographer's album.  It includes all of the things that made your event unique, the choices you spent weeks and months making to make the event reflect your son or daughter.

A scrapbook will tell the story of the entire weekend and will include every aspect of it from the invitations you sent out at the beginning of the process to the thank you cards that got mailed when it was all over.  

I encourage you to gather everything in one spot.  Put it all in a big box.  Then call me. I offer a free consultation where I will show you my work, discuss the look and feel you want for your scrapbook.  Once you feel comfortable in hiring me, your part is done!  Phew - what a relief that feels like!  I will take over from there and in a few weeks deliver to you a beautiful Bar/Bat Mitzvah scrapbook complete with everything you wanted to include.  

It is something you and your child will treasure forever.

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