Photoshop Elements Classes

I love using the software Photoshop Elements as I find it to be extremely user friendly and versatile.  

And now I am teaching others too . . . 

Before I started using PSE for digital scrapbooking, I looked into a few other digital scrapbook programs. I ultimately decided to go with PSE because I thought (actually, my husband told me) that down the line I may need it for other things.  "One day you might want to design your own business cards or make a flyer or create something else.  Why limit yourself to just scrapbooking when there could be a variety of other projects you may want to do?"  Wise words and how true they turned out to be!

I have since designed not only digital scrapbook pages such as this:

and this: 

But also invitations such as these:

and business cards like this:

And so many other things!!!!

I have decided to start teaching classes in PSE so that others can enjoy the versatility and ease of using the program for their need.  

If you live in the Houston area & would like more information on my classes, please leave a comment below.

I am also thinking about offering online classes or producing some YouTube videos.  If there is a particular topic you'd like to learn about, please leave me a comment about it below!

Happy Crafting,

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