Grey Office / Stationery Set

I'm back!  Day 2 of blogging!  I promise not to say the day number every day.  I am just excited that it is day 2!  Anyway, last week while shopping for red and blue papers for a project I am working on (to be seen next week right here!) I saw this grey paper and absolutely fell in love!!!

As often happens to me when I am in the craft store, I got completely distracted from why I was there and started putting grey papers in my shopping cart.  I got home, pulled out some spools of grey ribbon and there you have it!  Inspiration!  

Needless to say, along with inspiration came procrastination and the red and blue project got pushed aside to make way for the grey project!  I had so many ideas of what I could make!! I finally got it narrowed down. I used turquoise as my accent color after eliminating yellow and orange.  They were very pretty too but the turquoise won me over!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the big flower on the front of the clipboard!  I had planned to tie a bunch of ribbons to the clip part of the clipboard but I happened to be in the craft store yet again, buying supplies for yet another project (anyone see a pattern here?) when this flower jumped out and said, "BUY ME!"  I thought it would be perfect for this and I have to say I love the way it looks!!

I put a "K" on the back of the clipboard for the picture but it has not been permanently affixed yet so any monogram can go there.  

I just love the small accessories, too!  They are fun to make and very useful!  The post it note pad is refillable and the little memo clip is so cute.  I can just imagine a family photo in it.  

This set would make a great teacher or secretary gift.  I know my 12 year old daughter would LOVE to have this in her room!  With the holidays right around the corner, who would you give this to?

Happy Crafting,

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