Cruisin' Right Along

This past weekend I found myself with 3 hours of free time!  3 hours!  No Kids!  No Husband!  Just me and my scrap room.  I think this is what heaven will feel like.  Uninterrupted time to create. . .

To clarify, 2 kids spent the night at the grandparents house down the street and the 3rd child was at a friend's house.  Hubby was . . . I'm not really sure what he was doing. I was too excited about having time to work on MY scrapbooks to pay attention to anything else!  Did I already mention the part about 3 hours???

Without hesitation I knew *exactly* what I wanted to work on.  About 6 months ago I went on a scrapbook retreat.  (I take a group of awesome ladies to a bed & breakfast 3 times a year for a scrapbook weekend.)  So . . . 2 retreats ago I planned out a vacation album.  Not just any old vacation album.  This vacation album was of trips me & hubby have taken alone.  No kids!  More specifically, 2 cruises that we went on.  Talk about getting away . . . there was no communication whatsoever with the outside world.

Back to my 3 hours of uninterrupted bliss . . . I pulled out the box with all of my pictures, embellishments, paper, memorabilia.  It looks like this -

It is full of all of my layouts.  

I print the pictures I am going to use and pair them with my paper, embellishments and anything else I may want to add to the page.  If I am inspired I may even jot down some notes about titles or sketch a picture of how I want the page to look.

Then, it's all about the inspiration, creativity and *F*U*N*!!!  Here's some of what I got done in 3 hours!!

Does that look familiar?  No, not because you were there with us, because that's the page that is at the top of my layout box!  Only this time it is put together and ready to go into our special scrapbook.

I hope you enjoyed!  Scrapbooking all of those cruise pictures just makes me want to go on another cruise! The next time I find 3 hours of free time, I know what I'll be doing!

Happy Crafting

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