Altered Letters

One of my favorite crafty things to do is to make altered letters.  Actually that's a lie.  My favorite crafty thing to do is really whatever craft I am working on at the moment.  I find these altered letters to be so relaxing to make!  Something about painting, cutting out paper, tying ribbon. Ahhh . . . it just takes my mind off of everything!

When I first started making these, it was not so relaxing.  It was pretty stressful actually.  The first time I start any craft can be stressful until I work out all the kinks.  It all looks so simple until I start finding the problems as I go.  

Once I figured out the BEST way to get the paper cut just exactly right and the BEST way to use the mod podge to adhere everything, the relaxation set in and now its pure fun!  Mod podge can be a nightmare!  I remember many frightening moments when my paper would bubble.  I would hold my breath while it dried, not because of any bad smells (does mod podge even have a smell?), just in the hopes that the paper would straighten itself out and not ruin my hard work! 

Of course I did learn the tricks to make it work and straighten out and my hard work paid off.  The embellishing part is the most fun!  There are so many options - ribbon, flowers, buttons, bows.  There are boy embellishments, too!  I have done army, baseball, rodeo (coming soon to a post right here!)

Eden loves having these on her bedroom door.  They match the colors of her room perfectly!  I love the mix and match animal print!!

Happy crafting,

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