Bar / Bat Mitzvah

Are you in the process of planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?  

Have you recently celebrated this milestone in your family?  

Hiring a photographer is definitely one of the top items on your to do list, right?  That's a no brainer.  Once the event is over, you will carefully go through the proofs, selecting your favorites for the album to memorialize this special time forever.

But what about all of the other stuff?  You just spent weeks poring over invitation books to get just the right one.  You ordered kippot, party favors, napkins, Save the Date cards.  You surely saved the newspaper with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah announcement printed in it.  How about the synagogue bulletin?  If your child did a mitzvah project, surely you have flyers, photographs and information about that in a pile of stuff somewhere.

Your son or daughter just spent the past 6 months to a year learning a Torah portion and writing a speech.  Speech!  What about your speech?    How much time did you spend writing, re-writing and revising that?

How are you going to preserve 
the memories of all of this stuff?!?!

The answer is simple.  Stop shaking your head, don't get all stressed out.  The stress is over, you had your amazing weekend.  Relax and enjoy the wonderful memories you made.  This is the easy part.  

How about putting all of your memorabilia into a Bar/Bat Mitzvah scrapbook?  You can and should include photographs, either from the photographer or the ones that you and other family members snapped.  Maybe your photographer did not go to your Shabbat dinner or your Sunday brunch?  Perhaps you had a bake day with friends and family and took some photos on your phone you'd like to include?

A scrapbook can include all of that extra stuff that is so meaningful and special to you yet does not get put into the professional photographer's album.  It includes all of the things that made your event unique, the choices you spent weeks and months making to make the event reflect your son or daughter.

A scrapbook will tell the story of the entire weekend and will include every aspect of it from the invitations you sent out at the beginning of the process to the thank you cards that got mailed when it was all over.  

I encourage you to gather everything in one spot.  Put it all in a big box.  Then call me. I offer a free consultation where I will show you my work, discuss the look and feel you want for your scrapbook.  Once you feel comfortable in hiring me, your part is done!  Phew - what a relief that feels like!  I will take over from there and in a few weeks deliver to you a beautiful Bar/Bat Mitzvah scrapbook complete with everything you wanted to include.  

It is something you and your child will treasure forever.

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Holiday Gifts

Tis the Season!  For shopping, that is!

Some people are easy to shop for.  Take my kids for example. . . they are quite skilled at getting out the Sunday paper and holiday catalogs that show up at our house, circling everything they want and even making me a handwritten list, page numbers included!  They have even gone so far as to cut out the pictures and glue them onto my shopping just.  They are thorough!

Some people are not as easy to shop for.  Take teachers for example.  How many apples, apple figurines, school house paper weights and chocolate does a teacher need?  (Okay, forgive me for that chocolate comment, one can never have too much!)

Here are some ideas to help make your shopping easier this year!

Teachers, administrators, secretaries, busy moms and even cool tweens would love an office set like this!  Includes a personalized clipboard, note holder and post it note pad.

 Need a smaller gift?  Post it note holder in all kinds of patterns.  Music note pattern for the music teacher, paw prints pattern for the dog lover, masculine colors/patterns for the guy you just don't know what to get!

Paint pails can be customized to any occasion or theme!  How fun would a Hanukkah themed paint pail be?  Fill it with candles, matches, chocolate coins and a dreidle!

Gift tags can be made for any holiday.  The image is stamped on and embossed to make it really pop!

 Going to someone's house for a holiday party?  Staying with relatives for the holidays?  What better gift than a pre-made album for them to put the photos from the event in?  Better yet, take the photos yourself, put them in and send it as a thank you gift!

 More mini album ideas . . . Can be customized to any theme or holiday . . . 

Kids and tweens love these custom clipboards!  I made my boys sports' themed ones.  They love doing homework on them or taking them in the car for road trips!

Great for teachers, too!  The backs can be personalized with the teacher's name!

Letters can be made to match any room theme!  Go with the initials or do the whole name!  My kids have these on their bedroom doors.

 I hope I've inspired you!  There are lots more ideas where these came from!  If you still need just the right gift, have you considered a custom scrapbook?  Baby albums, yearly holiday albums, or even an "I love you" album are so meaningful!  It is a gift that will be cherished forever!  Please call or email me for more information or to set up a free consultation to discuss the project.

Happy Shopping!

Photoshop Elements Classes

I love using the software Photoshop Elements as I find it to be extremely user friendly and versatile.  

And now I am teaching others too . . . 

Before I started using PSE for digital scrapbooking, I looked into a few other digital scrapbook programs. I ultimately decided to go with PSE because I thought (actually, my husband told me) that down the line I may need it for other things.  "One day you might want to design your own business cards or make a flyer or create something else.  Why limit yourself to just scrapbooking when there could be a variety of other projects you may want to do?"  Wise words and how true they turned out to be!

I have since designed not only digital scrapbook pages such as this:

and this: 

But also invitations such as these:

and business cards like this:

And so many other things!!!!

I have decided to start teaching classes in PSE so that others can enjoy the versatility and ease of using the program for their need.  

If you live in the Houston area & would like more information on my classes, please leave a comment below.

I am also thinking about offering online classes or producing some YouTube videos.  If there is a particular topic you'd like to learn about, please leave me a comment about it below!

Happy Crafting,

Cruisin' Right Along

This past weekend I found myself with 3 hours of free time!  3 hours!  No Kids!  No Husband!  Just me and my scrap room.  I think this is what heaven will feel like.  Uninterrupted time to create. . .

To clarify, 2 kids spent the night at the grandparents house down the street and the 3rd child was at a friend's house.  Hubby was . . . I'm not really sure what he was doing. I was too excited about having time to work on MY scrapbooks to pay attention to anything else!  Did I already mention the part about 3 hours???

Without hesitation I knew *exactly* what I wanted to work on.  About 6 months ago I went on a scrapbook retreat.  (I take a group of awesome ladies to a bed & breakfast 3 times a year for a scrapbook weekend.)  So . . . 2 retreats ago I planned out a vacation album.  Not just any old vacation album.  This vacation album was of trips me & hubby have taken alone.  No kids!  More specifically, 2 cruises that we went on.  Talk about getting away . . . there was no communication whatsoever with the outside world.

Back to my 3 hours of uninterrupted bliss . . . I pulled out the box with all of my pictures, embellishments, paper, memorabilia.  It looks like this -

It is full of all of my layouts.  

I print the pictures I am going to use and pair them with my paper, embellishments and anything else I may want to add to the page.  If I am inspired I may even jot down some notes about titles or sketch a picture of how I want the page to look.

Then, it's all about the inspiration, creativity and *F*U*N*!!!  Here's some of what I got done in 3 hours!!

Does that look familiar?  No, not because you were there with us, because that's the page that is at the top of my layout box!  Only this time it is put together and ready to go into our special scrapbook.

I hope you enjoyed!  Scrapbooking all of those cruise pictures just makes me want to go on another cruise! The next time I find 3 hours of free time, I know what I'll be doing!

Happy Crafting

Altered Letters

One of my favorite crafty things to do is to make altered letters.  Actually that's a lie.  My favorite crafty thing to do is really whatever craft I am working on at the moment.  I find these altered letters to be so relaxing to make!  Something about painting, cutting out paper, tying ribbon. Ahhh . . . it just takes my mind off of everything!

When I first started making these, it was not so relaxing.  It was pretty stressful actually.  The first time I start any craft can be stressful until I work out all the kinks.  It all looks so simple until I start finding the problems as I go.  

Once I figured out the BEST way to get the paper cut just exactly right and the BEST way to use the mod podge to adhere everything, the relaxation set in and now its pure fun!  Mod podge can be a nightmare!  I remember many frightening moments when my paper would bubble.  I would hold my breath while it dried, not because of any bad smells (does mod podge even have a smell?), just in the hopes that the paper would straighten itself out and not ruin my hard work! 

Of course I did learn the tricks to make it work and straighten out and my hard work paid off.  The embellishing part is the most fun!  There are so many options - ribbon, flowers, buttons, bows.  There are boy embellishments, too!  I have done army, baseball, rodeo (coming soon to a post right here!)

Eden loves having these on her bedroom door.  They match the colors of her room perfectly!  I love the mix and match animal print!!

Happy crafting,

Grey Office / Stationery Set

I'm back!  Day 2 of blogging!  I promise not to say the day number every day.  I am just excited that it is day 2!  Anyway, last week while shopping for red and blue papers for a project I am working on (to be seen next week right here!) I saw this grey paper and absolutely fell in love!!!

As often happens to me when I am in the craft store, I got completely distracted from why I was there and started putting grey papers in my shopping cart.  I got home, pulled out some spools of grey ribbon and there you have it!  Inspiration!  

Needless to say, along with inspiration came procrastination and the red and blue project got pushed aside to make way for the grey project!  I had so many ideas of what I could make!! I finally got it narrowed down. I used turquoise as my accent color after eliminating yellow and orange.  They were very pretty too but the turquoise won me over!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the big flower on the front of the clipboard!  I had planned to tie a bunch of ribbons to the clip part of the clipboard but I happened to be in the craft store yet again, buying supplies for yet another project (anyone see a pattern here?) when this flower jumped out and said, "BUY ME!"  I thought it would be perfect for this and I have to say I love the way it looks!!

I put a "K" on the back of the clipboard for the picture but it has not been permanently affixed yet so any monogram can go there.  

I just love the small accessories, too!  They are fun to make and very useful!  The post it note pad is refillable and the little memo clip is so cute.  I can just imagine a family photo in it.  

This set would make a great teacher or secretary gift.  I know my 12 year old daughter would LOVE to have this in her room!  With the holidays right around the corner, who would you give this to?

Happy Crafting,

Going to start blogging now!

I started this website over a year ago.  Mostly to give potential clients a place to come see my work, look at my gallery and check out the packages I offer.  See, I am a scrapbook artist and I take people's boxes of photos and memorabilia that they know they will never do anything with (except grow cobwebs!) and transform them into gorgeous albums that they can look at and enjoy with their families.

But in the back of my mind I have always wanted to blog.  Many times I have made lists of ideas for blog posts, even started writing a few times only to think it was not good enough, interesting enough, funny enough. . . Well, today is the day!  I am going to start blogging now!  See - I am doing it right now!  I am blogging!  I love scrapbooking and paper crafting so that is what I will be writing about!  Stay tuned for my 1st crafting project that I love love love!  Here is a sneak peek at what I used!

Happy Crafting!